3.26.2019 Update Details

3/26/2019 10:39:30 AM

Greetings My Lords!

We would like to take this time to inform you about the upcoming Update on 3.26.2019!


1. Greek, Thai, Egyptian Skin has been reworked.
Construction Shop Citizen/Town Skin Tap Town Skin icon to purchase Desired Aesthetics.




2. Mole Whacker has been added to Help System in your Lords-Next-Door’s Town.  Assist your Lords-Next-Door by driving away those no-good troublemaking Moles before they ruin the Fields!


1. Stack UP Mini Game
ᆞEvent Duration: 03.26.2019 07:00 ~ 04.01.2019 07:00 (UTC)
ᆞStack UP Limited Package Sale

2. Music Festival Event
ᆞEvent Duration: 04.08.2019 7:00 ~ 04.14.2019 7:00 (UTC)
Music Festival Limited Package Sale

Balance/Adjustment Details

1. Cookie Shop Production Time Adjusted
ᆞChocolate 240 min →120 min
ᆞWhite Chocolate 180 min → 90 min
ᆞMilk Chocolate 360 min → 180 min

2. Required number of Materials (Craftsman Formula, Master Formula, Legendary Formula, Craftsman Plans, Master Plans, and Legendary Plans) to learn new Recipe and crafting Formula has been decreased.

3. Number of Shops that appears in Market Island has been increased from 14 to 16. (Personal shop and Arum’s shop included.)

4. Store Refresh in Market Island will show completely new list of Shops and will not show old Shops before the Refresh.

5. The size of the World Tree from 3 Days of Gift Event has been adjusted.

Bug Fixes

1. The issue where Daily Bingo did not fill if the Farms have been upgraded to level 3 at the Magic Academy has been fixed.

2. The issue of Citizens skill not being applied to Fruit/Marine/Mining Lab has been fixed.

3. The issue where Citizen Adam not being rewarded at the Lv. 10 Bakery Tutorial due to network error has been fixed.

4. Occasional crash during refreshing Guild Chat has been fixed.

5. The issue of failing to hire a Clerk at the Pirate Caravan if you have exact number of Rubies as the hiring cost has been fixed.

6. The issue of Quest Track Meter requiring 24 times in one of the Guild Competition Mission, “Use Whale Shop x6,” has been fixed.

7. The game occasionally freezing when cancelling the order at the Dragon Shop has been fixed.

8. The issue of Mailbox Alert showing even though there is no new Mail has been fixed.

We will always try our best to provide the best services to all our Lords!
As always, it is a pleasure to serve you my Lord!

Thank you!

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